Fulbrook Fitness has introduced "The 10 week challenge".  This challenge has demonstrated fantastic results... Fulbrook Fitness is currently 8 into the 2nd 10 week challenge and the stats show for themselves...

  • 103.2lbs lost.

  • 179.1 inches of body fat lost.

I’m 100% passionate about changing my clients forever lifestyles! 

The next 10 week challenge will start on Monday 18th March 2019. 

Below highlights some of the important information you need to know so you have all the tools to get the best results. 

The offer is for £145.00 payable up front before you start my classes, a £45 deposit payable to secure your space and then £100 before 18th March 2019, for this amount of money you will get the following: 

  • Access to two free classes a week

  • One workout plan for you to do at home per week

  • Fortnightly weigh in with me, I will send out a time and location or sending these through to me for me to record (this will be the easiest option) I will only hold one weigh in session and won’t be able to measure if you are unable to attend this time/place. 

  • Before and After photos for us to keep track and have a visual record (these do not need to be shared anywhere, unless you agree) 

  • Guidance on healthy living options (I will not provide a nutrition plan, I will encourage healthy eating choices and ask you to download my fitness pal and use this as a way of tracking all you consume, this will work out your daily calories) 

  • I will be on hand to answer questions or offer support (I will always do my best to respond at my earliest opportunity, bearing in mind my own lifestyle, running my own business and being a busy mum of 4) I will also set a group WhatsApp so we can all keep each other motivated. 

All of the above is offered with a non refund policy, it is up to you to attend my classes and ensure you make time to complete my home workout, and keep track of your own diet. I hold no responsibility for your results, I will supply the right work outs and your commitment, determination and drive will be the key to your success. This is so important!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please note: I will NOT be holding classes on Wednesday 27th March, Friday 12th April 2019 and over the Easter break! (I will however endeavor to hold an additional class if possible)this is not guaranteed.  I have no other plans to cancel classes but if they are cancelled this will be for an emergency and out of my control! I wrote this in my last challenge and never expected to be in this situation to use it! Some of you will know my dad has had a serious accident  and although I will endeavor to ensure every class is on if my dads situation changes I may need to alter some classes. 

I am 100% committed to getting the best results for you, and I absolutely would love to have you on board! I’m excited to see what we can achieve together, I promise the journey will not be easy, but the results will start to show and you will feel amazing! 

Let’s do this!!

It may hurt, but it won’t last forever!   

Please note you must book onto classes! www.fulbrookfitness.co.uk you need to become a member of my website to be able to watch the home workouts and book your classes!